Glasgow to turn red tonight in support of #WeMakeEvents movement


Glasgow to turn red tonight in support of #WeMakeEvents movement

Many venues and attractions around Glasgow are to glow in red tonight to support the Red Alert We Make Events movement, a campaign set up to persuade local governments to support not just its live music venues but many other sectors badly affected by the global coronavirus pandemic, many who are close to going out of business.

COVID-19 has forced many tourist attractions, not just in Glasgow but everywhere in Scotland to close, live concerts and festivals also being either rescheduled or cancelled due to health concerns as well as the controversial social distancing rule, which has made watching live shows impossible.

The entertainment sector is a vital part of our lives and it is imperative that it receives financial support during these tough times, this will enable the industry to continue as well as secure the jobs of the hard working people involved who make these events happen.

WeMakeEvents also campaigns on bringing in new rules to enable live concerts to resume despite the pandemic, bringing in new COVID-19 compliant safety measures so that everyone can enjoy gigs again without worrying about contracting coronavirus. This as a result will revive the live entertainments sector as well as bring in much needed revenue into the British economy.

To find out more about the We Make Events campaign as well as make donations, please visit the site below.


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