Sing The Change Single & Choir Performances Announced Ahead of COP26 Summit


Sing The Change Single & Choir Performances Announced Ahead of COP26 Summit

As we approach the COP 26 conference in Glasgow, Music Declares Emergency encourages everyone to be a part of Sing The Change.

On October 26th we will release a very special recording that looks to remind world leaders of our unique home and encourage them to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of all life on earth.

Arranged by renowned choral leader Mark De Lisser, the man behind that performance of Stand By Me at the Royal Wedding, produced by Grammy winner Jimmy Hogarth (SIA, Amy Winehouse, KT Tunstall), and featuring the voices of The Kingdom Choir and a specially curated choir of young voices from the world-famous BRIT school, this new version of What A Wonderful World is a powerful and evocative hymn to our planet.

HEAR THE SINGLE - http://bit.ly/3nfIQiz

WATCH THE VIDEO - http://bit.ly/3B5Q6Td

To coincide with the release, Music Declares Emergency are thrilled to announce an opportunity for everyone to Sing The Change on 30th October.

Three mass singing events featuring hundreds of choir members will take place in Liverpool, London, and Glasgow. Confirmed locations are as follows:

Liverpool – Liverpool Catholic Cathedral – 12.00pm

London – Location to follow -12.00pm

Glasgow – Location to follow - 12.00pm

Alongside these, across the country, hundreds of choirs and singing groups will host their own performances, both virtual and physical in a nationwide coming together of voices.

If you cant make it to an event, we are encouraging everyone to come together and create their own moment. Whether its in the town square, the church hall, the skate park, or your own front room, we are inviting everyone to join in for a moment of national unity and celebration in support of the amazing planet we live on and the joy that our natural world brings us every day.

All the details of how to get involved and where to find your local performance are at http://www.musicdeclares.net/sing.

If youre not a choral singer, you can still take part.

In a metal band? Give us your version of the song.

Part of a hip-hop crew? Lets hear your take.

More free jazz? Blow our minds.

COP26 is a vital moment for the climate. The decisions made at Glasgow will affect our environment and our future for generations to come. By joining together to Sing The Change we can send a message to world leaders to stick to their promises and keep global temperature rises under the 1.5°c, the limit at which scientists tell us that we can avoid the worst consequences of global warming.

Post your performances on social media with #SingTheChange to be part of the biggest mass singalong in UK history and help make our world a better place for all. Join us in signing a letter to your MP urging them to continue to back action in response to the climate emergency.

To sign the letter, go to www.singthechange.org.

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