SNUFF announce UK tour


SNUFF announce UK tour

Underground Punk band Snuff have announced a brand new UK tour in May.

The tour is to promote the bands new EP which will be released in May on 10 Past 12 Records, available at the shows on 12 inch vinyl or collectors limited cassette version or via the web site.

UK Tour dates :

May 1 : Boston Music Room, London
May 2 : Rock City, Nottingham
May 3 : The Cathouse, Glasgow
May 5 : Key Club, Leeds
May 6 : Cavern, Exeter
May 7 : The Exchange, Bristol
May 8 : 02 Academy, Birmingham
May 9 : New Cross Inn, London

With support from Aerial Salad.

a mug of tea and a fried egg sandwich spots three lads at the table next to her, talking about their new band. She only catches the occasional word as she reads her stars and dreams of Sicily. “PunkRock.... Motown... MinorThreat... Miners’ Strikes... Motorhead... DC... early Who... TwoTone... SX200... Hey ho, let’s go...”

Snuff are born and release ‘Snuff Said’, ‘Flibbidydibbidydob and ‘Reach’ before splitting up following a final show at the Kilburn National. Three years later they came back with only Duncan present from the original line up and a new deal with Fat Wreck Chords for the States and Steve Lamacq’s Deceptive in the UK, an album, ‘Demmamussabebonk’ and an Ep, ‘Long Ball to No-One’ quickly followed along with a blistering appearance at the Reading Festival in ‘99. It took 13 years but eventually the NME (R.I.P.) declared them “the best band in the world”. Tweet Tweet My Lovely and Numbnuts followed before the dissolution of Deceptive saw the band return to their own 10past12 Records and the Blue Gravy EP Snuff vs Urban Dub dub album, Disposable Income, 5-4-3-2-1 Perhaps? And There Is A Lot Of It About.

In the meantime Duncan released a variety of solo projects ranging from using backing bands of Japanese female beat groups, the soon to be released elecro hardcore of Bonzer and the classic Gun’s & Wankers along with the folk of Five Shitty Fingers.

And here they are today. It’s tough to define their sound, because the band dabble in various musical styles whilst maintaining an overall sound that is instantly recognisable and totally rooted in melodic punk. Guitar riffs ,organs, horns and harmonies, all underpinned by the songwriting talent of Duncan Redmonds and long-time right hand man Loz Wong. Together with Dan on bass ,Oli on trumpet and Lee on the Hammond Organ.

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