Happy Mondays - Kelvingrove Summer Nights 2022

08 Aug 2022

Happy Mondays - Kelvingrove Summer Nights 2022

A sublime performance as the band pay tribute to Paul Ryder

Day 6 of Kelvingrove Summer Nights introduced one of the most loved bands from the Madchester era, Happy Mondays. The band have continued to perform throughout the country despite the recent passing of their bass player, Paul Ryder.

The atmosphere at the Bandstand was just like a typical Madchester gig, with lots of people wearing Happy Mondays t-shirts, many Bez lookalikes present and not to mention the strong smell of cannabis that swept the air.

Support from the night came from Acid Ultras, who performed a DJ set to get the audience warmed up, including a rendition of Donna Summers classic song, I Feel Love.

Happy Mondays entered the stage one-by-one, with the synthesiser and drummer coming out first, then the replacement bass player, followed by Rowetta and Shaun Ryder, the final member of the band to enter the stage was Mark "Bez" Berry, to a rapturous welcome.

All of the classics were played on the night as well as some new material... Kinky Afro, Loose Fit, Hallelujah and Twenty Four Hour Party People were all performed, with Bez structing his funky stuff on stage shaking maracas as well as trading hats with the crowd, the energy and enthusiasm was all there to see, "this whole tour is for Paul" said Rowetta and they were certaintly giving their all on the night.

Despite losing his brother, Shaun was his usual self, giving everything that he got as well as sharing banter with the crowd with that unique accent of his.

A personal highlight of the show came from the one and only Bez, "Do you know what I love about Glasgow?.... fuck all!" said Bez, which brought the audience to laughter, he then said "Yall know Im only kidding right?, I love fucking Glasgow!", which brought a huge applause from the spectators.

Their manager Alan McGee was also in attendance, and he was invited on stage by the band, pumping his fist in the air to the crowd as he walked across.

An emotional gig concluded with Rowetta asking the audience to download their latest single Tart Tart, with the money made being donated to Pauls favourite charity.

The band said their farewell to the Glasgow crowd as they prepare to celebrate Paul Ryders life the next morning and to pay their final respects at his funeral.

you can view a full photo gallery of the gig via the link below, all photos by Stewart Fullerton

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