Edwyn Collins - Kelvingrove Summer Nights 2022

17 Aug 2022

Edwyn Collins - Kelvingrove Summer Nights 2022

A fantastic show to close the whole programme

A wonderfully warm summer evening in Glasgows west end saw the finale of the Summer Nights programme. Edwyn Collins with support from Claire Grogan and Altered Images, in the sunshine there is no better venue.

Right on time Claire Grogan & Altered images took to the stage and were welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd ready to enjoy themselves.

A resplendent Claire Grogan bounces on the stage, shimmering light bouncing off of her very sparkly outfit to the opening track I Could be happy, addressing the crowd Claire managed to keep the lid on her emotions at finally getting to play the rescheduled show.

On the track Beautiful Thing, Claire introduced Scottish musical legend Bobby Bluebell.

Then in wee change of direction a cover of the Ting Tings Thats not my name, followed by new single co authored by Bernard Butler.

To close the performance, there really was only one song remaining. Handily the young lady on bass had her birthday, Happy Birthday closed the show.

At exactly 9pm Orange Juice Front man Edwyn Collins takes to the stage. With the aid of a cane, Edwyn sat, front and centre and to go through his back catalogue and opened up with Losing Sleep.

The set progressed through the back catalogue, with the band having to correct the choice of song to make sure everyone was on the same page.

Edwyns health issues have been well documented over the years, to see him even on the stage alone is more than an accomplishment. To play such a long set was even more impressive.

I have been lucky to see multiple shows at the bandstand tonight was a fantastic show to close the whole programme.

Summer Nights 2023 will have a lot to live up to from the varied line up to the excellent weather.

Altered Images Set List

I Could be happy
See Those Eyes
Mascara Streaks
Bring Me Closer
Beautiful Thing - Featuring Bobby Bluebell
Change Of Heart
Dead Popstars
Thats not my Name
Glitter Ball - New Single Co Authored by Bernard Butler
Dont Talk To me about love
Happy Birthday

Edwyn Collins Set List

Losing Sleep
Falling and Laughing
Make Me Feel Again
What Presence
Home Again
Wheels of Love
Dying Day
Consolation Prize
Intuition Told Me
Simply Thrilled
In A Nutshell
In Your Eyes
Rip It Up
Shilin Shally
Low Expectations
A Girl Like You

Review and Photography by Andy Laing.


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