Kaiser Chiefs - OVO Hydro 11/11/2022

23 Nov 2022

Kaiser Chiefs - OVO Hydro 11/11/2022

Hurry Back Soon Guys!!! Glasgow Loves you…

Was it a warm reception on a cold November night…Or was it a Ricky Rotten one that sent us shivering back to our beds? Get the kettle on, settle down with a cuppa and I’ll fill you in on all the gossip!

On arrival at the Hydro, there was a sea of excited fans ranging from 16 to 60. With queues as long as a Boxing Day sale in Primark. Much of the same inside with people waiting to hand coats in, get drinks and buy the merchandise. There was an air of excitement with fans already singing the song in the foyer “Everyday I love you les and lessâ€Â


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