James Bay - Usher Hall 25/11/2022

26 Nov 2022

James Bay - Usher Hall 25/11/2022

Bay returns to Edinburgh giving once again another spectacular performance

Bay returns to Edinburgh giving once again another spectacular performance. Giving the audience the old songs that they crave for but making sure to introduce his fans to some of his new material.

This performance showed James doing many renditions of his well known classics such as peer pressure, let it go and hold back the river, Bay teases the audience by holding long notes before he continues to sing the songs.

James introduces his new song One Life which you can find on his recent album Leap. Stating he knows its a Friday night but let me get real for a second continuing to tell the crowd back in 2019 he was writing from a weird position a place of sadness and heaviness and felt a little lost, he decided to change things up to write something a little f*kn happier to sing which leads into the song.

Bay takes a break from singing and quite comfortably stands on stage with his guitar showing hes not only very talented at singing but has an incrediable passion and talent to play guitar. This moment always strikes with the audience as the phones come out to take videos and lots of cheering.

James screams into the crowd Dream come true Edinburgh as the crowd scream and cheer for more.

I cant fault the performance from Bay and his band, they come out every time giving everything they have. There was a lot of Bays songs that he changed up stripping them back which is always lovely to hear and shows how versatile an artist can be.

However on this occasion I found the crowd didnt seem to appreciate this as there was a lot of people talking constantly, the attention Faded throughout from drunkenness and childlike grown adults and thats the unfortunate part of the show, the lack of respect so many people go to a show for a good night out by getting drunk and forget theres an artist on stage who works extremely hard to get there and theres people who are there to listen to the performer and not to others talking to their pals.

Although this would not stop me going again to Bays concert because he wont let any crowd talk over him and his vocals outpower any noise.

I highly recommend going to see James Bay if you ever get the chance.

Review and photography by Laura Somerville.


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