The Cure - OVO Hydro 04/12/2022

13 Dec 2022

The Cure - OVO Hydro 04/12/2022

The Cure return to Glasgow with a perfect performance at the OVO Hydro

The festive season is upon us and for some people it felt like Christmas has come early, as one of the legends of rock music The Cure was to perform at Scotland’s premier music venue. After touring throughout Europe, they returned to the UK for some homecoming shows and Glasgow was their next stop after beginning their UK tour in Belfast.

Lead singer Robert Smith is of no stranger to anyone, from his signature gothic look to his cameo appearance in the American TV series South Park, where he goes head to head with a robot version of Barbra Streisand in that infamous episode, which aired way back in 1997.

Anticipation for the gig was high and the buzz was there to be felt, even those without tickets attended and were willing to “Rochambeauâ€Â


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