Mogwai - Barrowland Ballroom 23/12/2022

01 Jan 2023

Mogwai - Barrowland Ballroom 23/12/2022

This gig took the audience to a different dimension with the songs and the lights

Christmas was around the corner and everyone from the UK was finishing up work for the year and preparing for the most wonderful time of the year, but live music continued on and one of Scotlands most loved bands were to play 2 sold out gigs in one of Scotlands most loved venues, and that of course is Barrowlands.

Mogwai do not need much of an introduction to the local music scene or rock lovers in general, hailing from Glasgow this post rock, synth band consist of Stuart Braithwaite (guitar, vocals), Barry Burns (guitar, piano, synthesizer, vocals), Dominic Aitchison (bass guitar), and Martin Bulloch (drums).

The gig was held in Glasgows Barrowland Ballroom, photo by Stewart Fullerton

Mogwai normally compose guitar-based instrumental pieces that feature melodic bass guitar lines, and heavy use of synthesisers as well as a very loud and dark tone of sound.

Let me set the scene, the backup band was fantastic who are called Revmagnetic this alternative, nineties band blew the audience away with their rock music.

The Atmosphere was cool, laidback, with a mix of loud with a hint of eagerness for mogwai to come on, they were people of all ages present, looking forward to a great night.

The roadies are gearing up quickly for the night ahead, drums banging loudly, bass drum, snare, high hat, guitar (loud) strikes a chord, and that is just the sound check.

Mogwai comes on and the crowd come alive they start the set off with Boltfor , a song with the style of electronic, 90s, time and space. The stage setup was typical of Mogwai, with those bright backlights and everybody were silhouettes on the stage.

How to Be a Werewolf was a song involving a lot of keyboard playing, guitar riffing and kicking drums, there was definitely a Scottish feel with the guitars playing with the keyboard, the band thanked the crowd for coming out especially in the run up to Christmas.

Mogwai at Barrowland Ballroom, photo by Stewart Fullerton

The set continued with songs such as Dont Believe The Fife, featuring that haunting yet amazing bass sound, Christmas Steps which featured Luke Sutherland and of course one of their most loved songs Helicon 1, and also a personal favourite.

“Are you all doing ok?â€Â


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