Bowling For Soup - O2 Academy 13/04/2022

18 Apr 2022

Bowling For Soup - O2 Academy 13/04/2022

A very fun show, with lots of banter and of course great music.

Glasgow was Rock City on Wednesday, Swedish band Ghost was performing at the OVO Hydro, Igorr was playing at The Cathouse and the O2 Academy was the host venue for American punk band Bowling For Soup.

The band are not just known for their catchy rock songs, such as 1985, Girl All The Bad Guys Want and their great cover of Fountains of Waynes Stacys Mom, they are also known for their Dad jokes and their witty sense of humour, this was all here during this live performance.

There were 3 support acts on the night, a DJ set from Matt Stocks, a performance by The Dollyrots and then LIT, who played new material as well as old to get the crowd warmed up, LIT frontman Kevin Baldes was also drinking Scottish beer between songs, which resulted in the crowd chanting "down it, down it, down it!", it was all banterous and good fun.

Bowling For Soup was next, and after a rapturous welcome, they began with My Hometown, after the song frontman Jaret Reddick told a rather unique story to the crowd, he caught someone masturbating while on the flight to the UK, some of the attendees found it hilarious, others were bemused, Jarred also mentioned that it was initially going to be an England only tour, which brought boos (banterous boos of course), the masturbating story may have been made up but the England only tour was true, but Jaret said that after the pandemic happened, the band all agreed that "we gotta do Glasgow again", which brought a cheer from the audience.

Ohio (Come Back To Texas) was played followed by some more corny jokes, Jaret congratulated Rob Felicetti on becoming a Dad, congratulated Gary Wiseman on getting married, congratulated himself on his pregnancy and then congratulated Chris Burney on losing his virginity.

After High School Never Ends and The Bitch Song was played, their newest single was next, I Wanna Be Brad Pitt, which the audience sang along to.

A "Comedy Jam" soon followed, which enabled the audience to vote for the best joke told by each member of the band, Jaret eventually won the contest by saying "A guy was in Tesco and had some Strongbow and a packet of Tampons in his basket, after he went to the checkout he was asked by the clerk Do you happen to be single?, the guy replied Yes, why are you asking me that?, with the clerk replying because youre ugly as fuck", a very tongue in cheek joke which brought laughter.

After many belches from Jaret, more songs followed, The Lack Rock Show and Punk Rock 101, this is where the band posed for an "official photograph". Jaret hit a wrong note during the performance of Almost, but thanked the crowd for forgiving his hiccup.

More jokes followed, and this time it was random and out of the blue, Jaret said "You guys sing a long to Wham every Christmas?, lets hear you!" Last Christmas from Wham was played, the audience sang along despite the fact it was late Spring.

Jaret then made a pun about Scotlands rivalry with England, saying "You should just say English, English here we fucking go! its the nicest way to fight at football matches", Gary then admitted to the audience "I really cannot understand a single word that you guys say, honestly." which is the achilles heel for every Scottish person while they are abroad, or talking to tourists in their own country.
Jaret then spoke about their first ever show in Scotland, which was in The Garage, pronouncing it "Garaaaage" which lead to boos, but concluded "Its pronounced Garage, I know how to say it", which lead to cheers.

Alexa Bliss was played afterwards, with an image of the female wrestler on display during the performance, followed by "the greatest song on earth", Girl all the Bad Guys Want, with the audience jumping to the song.

An encore followed afterwards, with the usual HWFG chant ringing around the venue, Chris came back on and said "Shut up Glasgow!", then "Face down, ass up, thats the way we like to fuck!" with the crowd singing back the line to him multiple times.

The whole band returned to thank the Glasgow crowd and said that the show was one of the best in their 28 year history, they played the last and their best known song, 1985, which concluded the show and the band got a big farewell.

The jokes may have been corny for some and Stacys Mom was not played, but it was a very fun night, full of banter and of course great music.

You can view a photo gallery of the gig via the link below.

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Review and Photography by Stewart Fullerton.


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