Greta Van Fleet - OVO Hydro 20/11/2023

27 Nov 2023

Greta Van Fleet - OVO Hydro 20/11/2023

Greta Van Fleet succeeded in creating a memorable night for their fans

Greta Van Fleet, the young rock sensation that has been making waves with their throwback sound, took the stage at the OVO Hydro and delivered a performance that was nothing short of a musical time capsule. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as fans gathered to witness the bands dynamic energy and unmistakable homage to Led Zeppelin.

The gig was held at the OVO Hydro, photo by Stewart Fullerton

From the moment the lights dimmed and the opening chords reverberated through the venue, it was evident that Greta Van Fleet was on a mission to transport the audience back to the golden age of rock n roll. The bands frontman, Josh Kiszka, channeled the spirit of iconic vocalists from the past, with his soaring vocals echoing the likes of Robert Plant. His stage presence was magnetic, and the crowd couldnt help but be drawn into the sonic journey.

The instrumental prowess of Greta Van Fleets members, brothers Jake (guitar), Sam (bass/keys), and Danny Wagner (drums), was nothing short of impressive. Jakes guitar solo after the third song was a highlight, 30 minutes of guitar riffing goodness. The chemistry between the band members was palpable, each contributing to a tight and cohesive sound that paid homage to the rock legends that inspired them.

Greta Van Fleet at the OVO Hydro - photo by Stewart Fullerton

The setlist was a carefully curated mix of tracks from their debut album and newer releases, ensuring a balance between the familiar and the fresh. Songs like "Highway Tune" and "Safari Song" had the crowd on their feet, newer tracks like "Meeting The Master" demonstrated the bands evolving sound and hinted at a promising future. "Take it away Danny" said Jake as he gave the crowd a memorable drum solo.

One of the standout moments of the night was lead singer Jake Kiszka going to the front row of the crowd and handing out roses to the lucky few who got one, the production values of the show were also top notch, the stage was dominated by fire, pyro and loud explosions, enhancing the overall experience and adding that extra layer of adrenalin, what you would expect from a rock show.

Greta Van Fleet at the OVO Hydro - photo by Stewart Fullerton

The band during the encore were joined by support act Hannah Wicklund and performed a cover of Neil Youngs "Dont let it bring you down" and finishing up with "Light My Love", the band said their farewells to a jubiliant crowd.

Greta Van Fleet at the OVO Hydro - photo by Stewart Fullerton

It was clear that Greta Van Fleet had succeeded in creating a memorable night for their fans. The bands dedication to their craft and their embrace of classic rock influences were on full display, making it evident that they are not just a revival act but a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary music scene. The crowd left the venue buzzing with the excitement of having witnessed a live performance that felt like a journey through the annals of rock history.


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