Ocean Colour Scene - O2 Academy 19/12/2023

01 Jan 2024

Ocean Colour Scene - O2 Academy 19/12/2023

OCSs live performance reaffirmed their status as one of the stalwarts of Brit Pop

While many Glaswegians were getting ready for the festive holidays, there was still many live concerts to enjoy in the city before the year came to a close. The anticipation was palpable as fans gathered at for 2 evenings with Ocean Colour Scene at Glasgows O2 Academy. The venue buzzed with excitement, and the air was charged with the promise of a night filled with timeless rock melodies.

As the lights dimmed and the stage came to life, the iconic figures of Ocean Colour Scene emerged to a thunderous applause. Opening with The Circle, one of their classics hits, the band immediately established a connection with the audience, creating an atmosphere that would only intensify throughout the night. The set continued with the likes of July, The Downstream, Better Day , One For The Road and Travellers Tune.

OCS at O2 Academy, photo by Stewart Fullerton

Frontman Simon Fowlers vocals were as powerful and soulful as ever, effortlessly carrying the weight of the bands extensive catalog. Steve Cradocks masterful guitar work resonated through the venue, filling every corner with a rich tapestry of sound, the audience was watching it and drinking it all in. Glaswegian and former Ronelle Raymond Meade was also in attendance with the group, a long time favourite with the Glasgowmusic community.

The setlist was a journey through the decades, blending well-loved favourites like The Circle, Riverboat Song, Robin Hood, The Day We Caught The Train as well as some hidden surprises like a cover of Live Forever.

OCS at O2 Academy, photo by Stewart Fullerton

One of the highlights of the night was the seamless transition between songs, from playing the likes of Debris Road then moving on quickly to Go To Sea and Half A Dream Away, demonstrating the bands cohesion and experience, there was no chitter chatter by the band, they just played their stuff without any second thought. The stage production was simple yet effective, with a backdrop that complemented the mood of each song.

The set reached its climax with The Riverboat Song, with the crowd singing along and filming the moment, the encore sound followed and the crowd demanded more in the traditional Glasgow way, "Here we, here we, here we fucking go". The band obliged and returned.

OCS crowd at O2 Academy, photo by Stewart Fullerton

From the first chords to the final encore, which was of course, "The Day We Caught The Train", Ocean Colour Scene delivered a performance that showcased both their musical prowess and their enduring charisma. The live performance was a testament to the appeal of their music and reaffirmed their status as one of the stalwarts of Brit Pop.


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