Happy Mondays - Barrowland Ballroom 14/03/2024

19 Mar 2024

Happy Mondays - Barrowland Ballroom 14/03/2024

Happy Mondays electrify the stage in a phenomenal live show

The east end of Glasgow was in for a big treat as 3 of the most fondly remembered acts from the late 1980s were due to play in the iconic Barrowland Ballroom, Stereo Mcs, Inspiral Carpets and the legendary Happy Mondays, and Glasgowmusic were invited to cover the first of 3 Glasgow shows announced by the bands.

The gig was held at Barrowland Ballroom - photo by Stewart Fullerton.

Like Liam Gallagher the night before, Barrowlands was packed to the rafters, with people struggling to make their way in and out of the venue as well as punters standing in long queues just to get a pint of beer, anticipation was high and everybody was looking forward to a great night.

Stereo MCs started things off with Nick Hallam and Cath Coffey giving the crowd a warm up of whats to follow with their well known hits such as "Connected" and "Step It Up", with Nick showing that energy and enthusiasm as he did when the band were in their prime days in the late 1980s.

Stereo MCs - photo by Stewart Fullerton

The 2nd support was the recently reformed and fellow Madchester act Inspiral Carpets, continuing the adrenalin rush with their classics like "This is How It Feels" and "Saturn 5" as well as some of their more recent songs.

Inspiral Carpets - photo by Stewart Fullerton

The familiar chant of HWFG was heard in full voice as the lights darkened, Happy Mondays burst onto the stage with an infectious energy that ignited the entire arena. Frontman Shaun Ryders magnetic presence commanded attention from the moment he stepped into the spotlight, his gravelly voice instantly transporting the audience back to the heyday of Madchester. Bez was also the center point of attention throughout the night, structing his funky stuff and shaking the maracas at every song.

Happy Mondays at Barrowland Ballroom - photo by Stewart Fullerton.

The setlist was a journey through the bands iconic hits, each song delivering a punch that reverberated through the Barras. Classics like "Step On" and "Kinky Afro" had the crowd dancing with unbridled enthusiasm, while deeper cuts showcased the bands musical versatility and enduring relevance.

Everyone in attendance was united by a shared love for Happy Mondays and the indelible mark theyve left on the music world. It was the electrifying atmosphere that truly set this concert apart, from the pulsating lights to the sea of ecstatic fans.

Happy Mondays at Barrowland Ballroom - photo by Stewart Fullerton.

In conclusion, Happy Mondays delivered that typical live performance that you would expect when you go to see them, nothing short of phenomenal. With their infectious energy, timeless hits, and undeniable stage presence, they proved once again why theyre legends in their own right, for fans old and new.

The concert left the Barrowland Ballroom community on social media buzzing the next day, with many users expressing how amazing the night was, all 3 acts killed it with a hammer, it was a celebration of music, community and the enduring spirit of the 1980s era.

Happy Mondays at Barrowland Ballroom - photo by Stewart Fullerton.

If you missed these two fantastic nights at the Barrowland Ballroom then fear not, as tickets are still for sale for the 3rd show, get em while theyre still available!

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