Tenacious D - OVO Hydro 9th April 2024

13 May 2024

Tenacious D - OVO Hydro 9th April 2024

A triumphant return to Scotland for Jack Black and Tenacious D

Just a couple of months after the release of the 4th instalment of Kung Fu Panda, Jack Black reunited with band mate Kyle Gass and announced the "Tenacious D Spicy Meatball tour", with the dynamic duo stopping by at The OVO Hydro in Glasgow, their first Scottish gig since 2013, the 15,000 capacity venue was a complete sell out on the night and anticipation for the gig was high. Everyone present was genuinely buzzing and looking forward of what was to follow.

The gig took place at the OVO Hydro, photo by Stewart Fullerton.

The lights dimmed and the Hydro erupted into cheers, the iconic bearded figure of Jack Black appeared as the concert began, his unmistakable energy electrifying the room, with a mighty strum of his guitar, the opening songs of "Kickapoo", "Low Hanging Fruit", "Rize of The Fenix" and "Tribute" filled the air, sending the audience into a frenzy.

From the moment they stepped on stage, it was clear that Jack and Kyle were in top form. Their close friendship and musical chemistry was there so see as they riffed off each other, delivering a seamless blend of music and comedy that had the audience in stitches, not to mention Jack mentioning his "Scottish roots" to the crowd.

Tenacious D at the OVO Hydro, photo by Stewart Fullerton.

Songs like "Wonderboy" and "Kickapoo" showcased the duos musical expertise, with Jacks powerful vocals soaring over Kyles expert guitar playing. But it was their hilarious banter between songs that truly stole the show, as they regaled the audience with outrageous stories and witty observations. Other songs like "Low Hanging Fruit"... is NOT about Low Hanging Fruit, go figure.

Midway through the set, they surprised the crowd with a cover of Gerry Raffertys Baker Street, leaving the audience cheering, the song is of course one of the most remembered Scottish produced musical pieces.

Tenacious D at the OVO Hydro, photo by Stewart Fullerton.

But it wasnt just about the music that filled the 15,000 capacity Hydro, it was the experience. From the elaborate stage setup and the large hand mic stands to the in your face light-show behind them, every detail was carefully crafted to immerse the audience in the world of Tenacious D.

As the night drew to a close, Jack and Kyle returned to the stage for an encore, treating the crowd to an unforgettable performance of "The Spicy Meatball Song", "Throw Down" and finishing up with "Fuck Her Gently.", it was a fitting end to an epic night of rock and comedy.

Tenacious D at the OVO Hydro, photo by Stewart Fullerton.

In the end, Tenacious D proved why theyre one of the most beloved acts in rock music. With their irreverent humour and infectious energy, they left their mark on the Hydro on Thursday night, they had the jam packed Hydro in the palm of their hands.


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