The Darkness - Barrowlands 09/12/2021

11 Dec 2021

The Darkness - Barrowlands 09/12/2021

Its Christmas time, dont let the bells end.

A typical winter night in the east end, the iconic Barrowland ballroom was host to The Darkness, supported by Massive Wagons who warmed up the crowd nicely.

Right on time Justin, Dan, Frankie and Rufus began the show with the opening track from their seventh and latest album Motorheart "Welcome Tae Glasgae" the perfect track to begin the show, possibly missing a trick not incorporating live bagpipes which feature in the recorded version.

The Darkness customary guitar riffs, loud drums and falsetto vocals were present in spades along side all the classic rock moves, high kicks and jumps. The Darkness are just as much a visual spectacle as a musical one.

Frontman Justin Hawkins, known for his outlandish stage wear did not disappoint starting the show with tight white flared jeans, black waistcoat, bear chest topped off with leather cap, which later changed into a snug fitting gold catsuit. Dan Hawkins sporting his Led Zeppelin t-shirt and leather jacket and the ever dapper Frankie Poullain on bass guitar and occasional cowbell.

The crowd were engaged and "up for it" from the very start, singing back the new tracks from the album. The big hitters from the debut album Permission to Land such as Growing on Me, Black Shuck, Friday night, Love is only a feeling and Get Your Hands Off My Woman the singing volume and jumping from the crowd was ramped right up and the famous parquet floor was bouncing.

Sometimes its can be hard to find the balance of the new stuff and the songs which have built the following for the band, last night was spot on.

Then an impromptu jam crowd participation of "Frankies Mum" who is always in the audience when the band play in Glasgow was a bit of fun in between songs.

Second to last was I Believe in a Thing Called love, which will come as no surprise lifted the roof off.

A short encore occurred before the band returned to do Christmas songs, Band Aids "Do you know its Christmas", Whams "Last Christmas" and ending the show with their own "Christmas Time (Dont let the bells end)", a successful return to Scotland for the band and everyone had a ball throughout.

Review and photography by Andy Laing.


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