Ocean Colour Scene - Barrowlands 14/12/2021

22 Dec 2021

Ocean Colour Scene - Barrowlands 14/12/2021

A marriage made in Indie music heaven!

There is always something special about a dark night in Glasgow as you walk up the Gallowgate and see the neon Barrowlands sign lit up.
When you are doing this walk for the first time since December 2019, the shivers are not just ice-cold air induced.

Tonights band of choice, is Ocean Colour Scene, a band who have always seemed to be there.

I first got into them during one of the chase scenes of Guy Ritchies classic Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels! The riff from 100 Mile High City absolutely cementing the band as a favourite to dance to in the indie clubs of Glasgow circa the early 00s.

The Barras crowd is expectant, and as soon as the lights drop, the room is filled with the sound of Booker Ts Green Onions an ode to the Mod culture of the influence of the band, the Glasgow audience let up a massive cheer.

It is good to be back!

The Riverboat Song kicks off a set laden with hits. The choir of the Barras singing every word to the intro, Simon Fowler stands back and lets us.

We are treated to tracks off their back catalogue including: Youve Got it Bad, Travellers Tune, The Circle and many more.

The highlight for me was So Low a song that sort of became a lockdown anthem for me personally, just singing it really loudly through late nights and early mornings.

I fell in love with the track after seeing Del Meade formerly of The Ronelles (A Glasgowmusic favourite) sharing a live version from Ocean Colour Scenes studio a few years ago. Del was enlisted to play in the live band, after his brother Raymond become a permanent member of the band. A well deserved musical career progression for the two talented brothers from Glasgow.

"And we laugh and we drink, And we teach ourselves not to think." the lyrics tonight encapsulate a crowd smiling, drinking and only enjoying the music in front of us.

Get Blown Away is just beautiful, the crowd giving it such an incredible reaction.

Profit in Peace an unapologetic stomp along is going to guarantee a few lost voices for everyone the next day.

Steve Craddock is in absolutely blistering form, with so many amazing iconic riffs being played throughout.

"Thank you for allowing us to do this for 42 years" says Fowler towards the end.

He walks back on for the encore himself with an acoustic guitar to play Robin Hood, a nice bit of calm before a few more full band songs, leading up to The Day we Caught the Train.

OCS, have a career laden with singalong hits and tonight, the first of a 4-night residency in the Barrowlands, is a marriage made in Indie music heaven!.

You can view a complete photo-gallery of the gig via the link below, all photographs by Stewart Fullerton.

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