Self Esteem - Barrowland Ballroom

13 Mar 2023

Self Esteem - Barrowland Ballroom

"I did the best I could babe" yes you did Self Esteem, and then some...

IF you have not come across Self Esteem before, I recommend getting into them now, OR that time when you begin to feel down with life, work, love or indeed anything, the lyrics from Rebecca Lucy Taylor will start to put you right back in the place you want to be.

This is not a show of a girl onstage singing songs about broken homes, lost relationships and hard times, as it turns out very quickly, we will not be feeling sorry for ourselves, nor does it seem will the band.

The gig took place at Barrowland Ballroom (photo by Stewart Fullerton)

The show starts with a choreographed dance showbringing together elements of Talking heads, Kraftwerk and uniformed dance moved that massive pop stars do in massive stadiums and the Super Bowl half time show.

Tonight we are at the world famous Barrowlands in Glasgow, the crowd are excited for Self Esteem as they are about to come onto the stage.

Welcome to Glasgow! Like a choreographed Madonna show the 4 dancers and 2 backing band enter the stage.

Rapturous response from whole audience on first song, the first moment of full Barrowlands choir in full voice, always a sound to really get you going, Self Esteem feed off this.

Self Esteem, photo by Stewart Fullerton

My hungerrrrr - Rebecca loving it, can see the love across the face as she just goes into a state of ecstasy, "Moody Bitch" get the first proper singalong.

Costume change into red in front of our eyes is very well done, off come the David Byrne style suits and the catsuits appear.

Like a DJ mixing into the big part of the set, the transiition of change leads us into "How Can I Help You!"

As the drums drop the crowd go wild, the band and crowd are defintly on the same level. This track was definitely one of my singles of last year. Live this song gets louder and louder - visibly and audibly as the noise echos around the hall.

Self Estreem, photo by Stewart Fullerton

Rebecca climbs the stairs and smashes the drums for about a minute before the rockstar throws the sticks away. The attitude is spot on, and we have responded.

The Lipstick smeared deliberately by all 6 of the band across their face, almost gives a nod to the old dancehall this building used to host, like many people who would have left over the years with make up smeared across their faces. Back then we didnt have the lyrics from Self Esteem to comfort many broken hearts. How Glasgow could have done with that!

In the present day though, we are asked to "scream again!" Of course Glasgow does!

“I’ve always wanted to be play here!" "All the indie bands tell me I need to come play the Barras" a whole room feels the excitement, we can see it etched across the singers face, a collective love for finally making it to the palace of all things Indie! The barras does have a special place in many peoples hearts, it is THEE place to play and generally becomes an artists favourite show.

"I love you" shouts one fan who is the now the spokesperson for us all! "I love you too, I believe in all types of love" comes the response.
Rebecca then launches into a solo song about memories fading of a previous partner.

I would love to hear the story that created the concept of Self Esteem. The message has people dancing, crying, smiling and singing along.

An incredible project I want to thank you for, I have a feeling this song was written at that hard time and has become a catalyst for this incredible party we now have in front of us.

The humour comes through the set also, especially when we are told "This is the last song" with a big sarcastic wink! A sure sign that crowd and band are fully aligned.

Glasgow enters into its famous "Here we, here we, he we f&%c&ing go!" chant, Rebecca has in stitches as she turns to her dancers and just says "here we go then!"

Jacqueline turns to me and says this is how all girls feel with regards the lyrics come out on the smash hit "I Do This All the Time!"

Inspiration from the lyrics and the whole message of the act really touches you.

It’s uplifting, many leave tonight with a positive message. In fact Jacqueline told me she cried all the way home, thankfully it was tears of joy.

Self Esteem are / is the anti-pop star we all need in our lives, singing the pop songs we all want - to uplift, to get people going.
An encore with barks and howls like wolves and dogs, draws more cheers and laughs.

Self Esteem, photo by Stewart Fullerton

The set ends with a rave - it’s a Monday, why not eh!?!?

It really is the last song as Rebecca Lucy Taylor declares “I’m fucking fucked,â€


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