Tom Walker - SWG3 20/03/2023

21 Mar 2023

Tom Walker - SWG3 20/03/2023

A splendid return to live performances for the Scottish born singer

It was the first day of a new season as the world welcomed Spring, and it was a homecoming gig for one of the UKs brightest stars at present, the Kilsyth born Tom Walker, everybody in attendance was psyched and singing along to the likes of Electric Light Orchestra and Red Bone prior to the show.

SWG3 Galvanizers was absolutely rammed, Ive been to many gigs at the venue over the years and I have never seen it that busy, 1250 people crammed into this giant greenhouse, the entrance was completely blocked with spectators and there was no room to move whatsoever.

Tom Walker took the stage to a rather early stage time of 8:30pm, receiving raucous applause from the crowd, and from the first note he played, it was clear that he was there to give a performance that would be unforgettable.

Songs like "Leave a Light On," had the crowd on their feet and singing along, his powerful voice filled the venue, and the energy he brought was all to see. He followed up with a mix of other songs, more uplifting tunes like , "Fly Away With Me" as well as more darker songs like "Number 10", which was about his hatred for the Tories and the lyrics constantly bash former Prime Minister Boris Johnson and former Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Throughout the show, Tom was incredibly engaging with the audience, sharing many stories and anecdotes in between songs, Walker told the story of how he and his soon to be wife Annie Watson-Foulds moved into a new house 7 days before the lockdown started as well as his bizarre purchase of a 200 year old piano for £100. He dedicated the song "Get There In The End" to people struggling with COVID as well as all the major world banks collapsing.

Tom Walker at SWG3 - photo by Stewart Fullerton

"The Best is Yet to Come" was well received by the crowd, Walker wrote the song about his partner Annie, who works for a charity and struggles with the heavy workload of helping other people, and the song was a reminder about their upcoming future. Walker also mentions to the crowd of the hope of his idol playing at his wedding, American singer James Taylor.

He seemed genuinely grateful for the opportunity to perform after so long out of the city, and that sentiment was reflected in his passionate and heartfelt performances, "Sing along you beautiful bastards" he said as he played "Better Half of Me".

Initially drinking Magners cider during the early part of the set, he then moved onto water afterwards, which brought a few sarcastic boos, but said "dont worry Glasgow its Highland Spring Water Im drinking now". He asked the audience to applaud his hard working band before playing a brand new song of his, called "Echoes".

Tom Walker at SWG3 - photo by Stewart Fullerton

"Fly Away With Me" is a song that is close to the songwriter, Walker said to the crowd that it as his favourite song that he has ever written, "It was the song that gave me fans and made them go to my gigs", he said that he also wrote song after a "not so fun" meeting with his record label at the time.

"Stigma" was a song dedicated to a friend that he lost, and after the performance of the track made a plea to the crowd, saying "Look after your lovers and talk to your mates, if something is bothering you, reach out".

He became more personal and told of the crowd of the loss of his grandfather during the COVID pandemic and that he never got to say goodbye to him due to the restrictions. Meanwhile the "idiots and liars" at Westminster were having parties and on Im a Celebrity, he dedicated his next song "Number 10" to Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock, saying "I fucking hate the Tories", which received a roar from the audience.

Tom Walker at SWG3 - photo by Stewart Fullerton

Overall, Tom Walkers live performance was nothing short of formidable, his voice was powerful and emotive, his energy was infectious, and his connection with the audience was undeniable. Its easy to see why hes become one of the most exciting new artists in music today.

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