Steel Panther - O2 Academy 14/05/2023

16 May 2023

Steel Panther - O2 Academy 14/05/2023

A formidable show, albeit not one for the easily offended.

Summer is approaching in Glasgow and one of glam rocks most celebrated acts returned to Scotlands biggest city for the first time in over 3 years, Steel Panther stopped by at O2 Academy as part of their tour to promote their latest album, Prowls On The Road.

The band are best known for their heir over-the-top and high-energy performances, their witty sense of humour and the high amount of sexual innuendos in their lyrics, from the likes of masturbation, sex, hookers as well as drug use, especially cocaine.

Steel Panther at O2 Academy, photo by Stewart Fullerton

You can call them a horny version of Def Leppard, they have that similar sort of style and sound, not to mention that the 2 bands are named after big cats.

Winger provided support for Steel Panther on the night, who performed a handful from their 36 year old catalogue, the venue was packed to the rafters, which is a rare scene for a support act and Winger sure gave them a hint of what was to follow.

Steel Panther came on to an enormous welcome from the Glasgow crowd, the bands setlist was a mix of their classic hits, from the likes of Eyes Of A Panther and All I Wanna Do Is Fuck Myself Tonight and material from their new album like 1987, Friends With Benefits and Aint Dead Yet, the energy level was high as you would expect, the crowd were on their feet and singing along, with loads of plastic beer cups being thrown around the venue.

Steel Panther at O2 Academy, photo by Stewart Fullerton

In addition to the music being played the band are known to share banter with the crowd, in one scene Spyder started throwing candy at the crowd, saying "watch out, theyve got cocaine in them", Satchel said he was delighted to be back in Glasgow after 3 years and went on to say that Glasgow was his favourite city in "Dublin"... Michael Starr replied "shut up asshole".

"To all of the girls out there" said Michael, "who loves Stix?, our drummer?", "you know he always feels left out", Stix then went on to do an impersonation of Def Leppards Rick Allen, Asian Hookers was then played as a female dancer joined the band during the song.
"Lets hear it for Spyder!" shouted Michael afterwards, "hes not as pretty but hes just as dumb", "We wanna get some groupies tonight, as long as there are over 16 of course" joked Michael as the music carried on.

Steel Panther at O2 Academy, photo by Stewart Fullerton

After The Burdern of Being Wonderful, Friends With Benefits as well as an incredible Guitar Solo from Satchel, the guitarist thanked Winger for supported them on the night, he told the crowd of the time he was part of a Wingers tribute group, "I was in a band called the Chicken Wingers, and we all played Winger songs dressed up as chickens" he explained.

We werent just treated to great music, we were treated to great laughs and jokes on the night, albeit not for the faint hearted as it was mostly about girls, sex, drugs and hookers.

1987 was next up, one of the songs from their new album, with Satchel saying "what a great year 1987 was", what was the reason? yes you guessed it, sex related. "I love cocaine, and I love to party" he concluded.

Steel Panther at O2 Academy, photo by Stewart Fullerton

Suddenly Michael points to a girl in the crowd, and tells her to come on stage, who happened to be a 20 year old named Amber. "Amber how are you?" asks Michael, "Youre really hot, and youre really young, I want to show you something with my tongue!"

"Kiss her dude!" says Satchel, with Michael replying "No, I have herpes", which brought laughter.

"Amber, would you like to suck my balls?" said Michael, which brought more laughter. They became more serious and played songs dedicated to Amber, that being Impromptu Song For A Girl, and Girl from Oklahoma.

Amber left the stage and Party All Day (Fuck all night) was next, this was when stage started to fill up with dancing girls, the crowd were also jumping and the phones were up, this was a personal highlight of the whole show, the band left the stage with the crowd cheering for more.

They returned after the encore and they played arguably their 2 best known songs, Community Property and of course a personal favourite, Gloryhole, as a memorable gig concluded.

Steel Panther at O2 Academy, photo by Stewart Fullerton

If you are a sensitive, easily offended person who only laughs at cats and babies doing stupid things, Steel Panther are probably not the band for you, but if youre like the rest of us Steel Panther are a must see in every level. The band were on top form the entire evening.

Steel Panther will not just give you the major laughs, they will rock the place like 2 fat newlyweds on a trailer, a fantastic night all round.


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