Harry Styles, Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh

31 May 2023

Harry Styles, Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh

The former One Direction star delivered the perfect performance to the near 70,000 turnout

If you were heading to Harry Styles show on a bus from Edinburgh you would certainly know you were heading in the right direction as many boarded the buses with their feather boas on, flamboyant pink hats, heart shaped glasses and a whole lot of bright coloured costumes. The stadium was packed with 67,144 capacities making it a sold-out event. Eagerly the crowd rise to their feet waiting for Harry to make an appearance on stage. The popstar takes to the stage with an all-dazzling pink outfit sparkly flared trousers with an opened waistcoat showing of his physique. The crowd roars.

Harry Styles at Murrayfield, photo by Lloyd Wakefield.

Harry addresses the crowd by introducing his name and breaks into dance singing Adore you followed by Watermelon Sugar, he makes full use of the stage going from side to side including use of the middle section of the catwalk whilst always interacting with the audience even if it was just a wave or blowing a kiss.

A few songs in and Harry stops to say Good evening people of Edinburgh and acknowledged many people that may have travelled afar for the show, he continued to say everyone in the stadium had 1 job and that was to have fun, Styles then started a iconic chant from Scotland Here we, here we, here we f*cking go to which the crowd go wild joining him.

Harry Styles at Murrayfield, photo by Lloyd Wakefield.

Harry brings his band members and himself to the centre of the catwalk where he performed an acoustic version of Matilda where the crowd was showered with torches and towards the end of the song he leaves the stage for a few minutes, the audience starts to chant his name.

Styles comes back on stage with his song Satellite where the crowd were in full flow of dancing and the atmosphere was buzzing. Following on with acknowledging the thousands of signs and picked a few audience members to read them out one of which was a fans birthday which he then got the whole stadium to sing happy birthday to that one fan, another had the words Shitebag if you dont play medicine to which Harry cheekily laughed and joked with the fan.

Harry Styles at Murrayfield, photo by Lloyd Wakefield.

Halfway through the show you would have thought it turned to a one direction fan club when Harry blasted out What Makes You Beautiful the whole place was thriving fans bouncing up and down. To which Harry asks Edinburgh, are you still having a good time? and then goes onto mention this show will be one he remembers for the rest of his life, Edinburgh is unbelievable and expresses his gratitude.

The stadium had flashing lights, lasers, steam machines and video projections which coordinated With Harrys performances. The band were introduced, and the 28-year-old singer slows the show down with his beloved Sign Of The Times.

The showstopping antics dont stop Harry screams This is why we come to Scotland the roar of cheer from the crowds of fans vibrated throughout stadium and turns to the crowd and flexes his arm and points to it and says Im thinking no Scotland, no party indicating a possible tattoo to be put in place and then shows his immense gratitude to every single person who showed up to the gig, the people of Edinburgh and Scotland. Ending the gig with a upbeat choice of song As It Was where Harry danced, sung along, waved a Scotland flag and throw out flowers to the audience as well as splashing them with water.

Harry Styles at Murrayfield, photo by Lloyd Wakefield.

This was not a show to be missed, a dream for many and it was an experience sitting in the stadium hearing the roar from thousands of fans screaming and cheering, dancing the night away. Fans left Murrayfield Stadium smiling and on cloud 9, with people outside Edinburgh not caring that they are in for travel hell afterwards.

Review by Laura Somerville, photography by Lloyd Wakefield.


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