Wu Tang Clan | Nas - OVO Hydro 12/06/2023

14 Jun 2023

Wu Tang Clan | Nas - OVO Hydro 12/06/2023

Dollar Dollar Bill Yaaallll.....

Glasgow was experiencing a heatwave, with temperatures touching 30 degrees Celsius, and the heat was going to rise even further as one of the living legends of hip hop was to brace the stage at Scotlands premier music venue. The OVO Hydro was host to nothing more than Wu Tang Clan with special guest Nas.

As one would expect, anticipation for the gig was high with many advertisements on display throughout the entire city, it was all set to be a great night.

The show was held at OVO Hydro - Photo by Stewart Fullerton

Wu Tang Clan and Nas were one of the many rap acts Glaswegians were looking forward to this year, with Snoop Dogg already bracing the Hydro stage in March, and others like 50 Cent and Ice Cube to play live shows in November and December respectively. The buzz at the Hydro was there to see and the clock was approaching 8pm, the show was almost ready to begin.

The lights dimmed and the crowd erupted into cheers and applause, and after a short video, the nine members of Wu-Tang Clan entered the stage, one by one, from the likes of Method Man, Killah, GZA and of course their founding member, RZA all appearing to a jubilant crowd.

Wu Tang Clan | Nas - Photo by Stewart Fullerton

Each member showed their distinct persona and moved across the stage with a commanding presence that held everyones attention, fueling the atmosphere with an infectious energy with everyone waving their hands as you can expect from a a hip hop show of this magnitude.

The introduction of their special guest, Nas, added an extra layer of depth and musicality to the performance, the synergy between the rappers was evident here, as they seamlessly blended traditional hip-hop elements with live instrumentation, elevating the experience to another level.

Wu Tang Clan | Nas - Photo by Stewart Fullerton

The setlist was mostly a crafted journey through Wu-Tang Clans discography, featuring classic hits such as "C.R.E.A.M.," "Protect Ya Neck," and "Wu-Tang Clan Aint Nuthing ta F Wit." Each track was met with explosive reactions from the crowd, who rapped along with every word, demonstrating the enduring impact and influence of the groups material. They were also treated to a few covers such as Nancy Sinatras Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) and more surprisingly a rap of The Beatles song Come Together.

Wu Tang Clan | Nas - Photo by Stewart Fullerton

One of the most surprising scenes was that Texas frontwoman Sharleen Spiteri showed up on stage to perform the remix of her classic song Say What You Want with the group, her links and friendship with Method Man is well known, who remixed the song in 1998, performed the song with her at the 1998 Brit Awards and calling Sharleen "my homegirl". This was followed up with "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" "Got The Money" in a tribute to their former late band mate, Ol Dirty Bastard.

Wu Tang Clan | Nas - Photo by Stewart Fullerton

The finale of the gig left the audience in awe as the iconic "Triumph" resonated through the venue, leaving an indelible mark on everyone in attendance as a memorable show drew to a close.

In conclusion, Wu-Tang Clan showed that even after all these years, they continue to be regarded as one of the greatest hip hop groups of all time and why they have remained at the forefront of the rap scene for over three decades, the energy in the venue was electrifying as fans from all ages drank it all in, leaving the arena satisfied.

Wu Tang Clan | Nas - Photo by Stewart Fullerton

Wu Tang Clan are certainly "Aint nothing ta F Wit".


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