Skunk Anansie - O2 Academy 27/04/2022

27 Apr 2022

Skunk Anansie - O2 Academy 27/04/2022

A night dominated by riffing guitars, bright strobe lighting and politics

After 2 years of rescheduling due to COVID-19, the much loved Skunk Anansie were finally due to play a huge 23 song set in Glasgow as part of their 25 Years Tour, there was a lot of buzz and excitement outside of the venue, the attendees were looking forward to seeing one of the most known acts in the Britpop scene.

They were 2 support acts on the night, Holocene and Liverpool based group Gen and the Degenerates, with lead winger Genevieve Glynn-Reeves bearing similarities in appearance to Skin, with her shaved head, wearing a green leotard as she and her band gave giving the crowd the perfect warm up for whats to come.

The act received their biggest cheer when they said "f*ck the Tories", a perfect thing to say since the political party is not popular whatsoever north of the border.

I was also due to photograph the concert, and to my dismay, I was told that there was 10 photographers present, which is a huge number as far as media accreditation goes, Skunk Anansie came on stage to a rapturous welcome from the crowd, while I was in a rammed stage-pit, with little room to manoeuvre.

Yes Its Fucking Political was the first song in the set, with Skin moving about throughout the stage showing energy and determination, the riffing guitars and the strobe lighting summed up an energetic start to the concert.

And Here I Stand was was next but a small incident happened at the front of the crowd which caused play to temporary pause, Skin responded "Whats going on down there? come on Glasgow, I havent seen you dance in years!!", the crowd cheered and the song continued on. It seemed the return of live music was too much for some people, everybody was jumping.

Because of You and I Can Dream, Weak and Twisted (Everyday Hurts) soon followed, with the band continuing to deliver those riffing guitars and soaring vocals like what they did more than 20 years ago.

Before My Ugly Boy was the next song on the set, Skin dedicated the song to a former partner of hers, describing the person as beautiful in the outside but fucking ugly in the side, with Skin saying "Thank you Piggy" when the song finished.

After Cant Take You Anywhere and Love Someone else was performed, Skin spoke to the crowd about their first ever gig in Scotland 28 years ago, and that was at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, who she described as one of the best venues in the country, which brought a roar from the crowd. It was the venue that brought Oasis stardom, arguably the best known band from the Britpop scene.

God Loves Only You followed, with Skin dedicating the song to every person on the planet, whatever their religion and faith, the phones came out for being best known song Hedonism as the crowd sang along in raised voices.

After Without You, Skin then stopped the set again to speak to the audience about her political views, something that she is particularly known for, she fiercly criticised the Brexiters as well as Boris Johson and Nigel Farage, the latter 2 brought huge boos by the crowd. After her political rant, This Means War was played, the song brought anger and frustration over what has been happening in the world.

After Intellectualise My Blackness and Charlie Big Photo, an encore followed, the HWFG chant ringing throughout the venue as the crowd wanted more, the band returned to finish off with 5 more songs. Piggy, Brazen (Weep), The Skank Heads, a cover of AC/DCs Highway To Hell which the crowd were jumping to and Little Baby Swastikkka.

Skin concluded "Bands get tired when they go on tour, but for us whether we are tired or not we always look forward to Glasgow, we love you guys". Skunk Anansie delivered a brilliant set and they were given the farewell they deserved.

A night dominated by riffing guitars, bright strobe lighting and politics, everybody who witnessed the concert had a ball.

You can view an entire photo gallery of the concert by clicking the link below.

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Review and photography by Stewart Fullerton


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