Joesef - O2 Academy 21/05/2022

08 Jun 2022

Joesef - O2 Academy 21/05/2022

The "Big Bastard Show" was a triumph for the Scottish musician.

We already had the likes of Lewis Capaldi dominating worldwide charts and we also have rising stars such as Dylan John Thomas and Brooke Combe, however another Scottish act who is predicted to be The Next Big Thing, is Joesef, who hails from the east end of Glasgow, Easterhouse to be precise, or in Joesefs own words, "a shithole".

Like Capaldi, Joesef started to gain the public spotlight despite not releasing any material, he began making music in his bedroom and did his first gig at King Tuts in 2019. The O2 Academy concert, who Joesef referred to as The Big Bastard Show, was completely sold out and the people in attendance were looking forward to his homecoming concert.

Support from the night came from Theo Bleak Sale, delivering a set of melodies that gave the crowd the ideal warm up of what was to follow.

Joesef came on to a rapturous welcome and was on the verge of performing his biggest gig yet, in front of the full 2,500 capacity O2 Academy, an acoustic version of his latest single Its been A Little Heavy Lately was the first song to be played, the performance stopped briefly due to a small incident in the crowd, with Joesef responding “What the fuck is going on Glasgow?, lets be having you”, the crowd cheered as on as I Wonder Why was played afterwards.

Joesef himself had this hipster like look on him, and members of the band were playing brass instruments, you wouldnt think that the act on show that night was from Easterhouse, which was at one time, one of the most socially deprived areas in Europe.

Play Me Something Nice, East End Coast, Fire, Does It Make You Feel Good, Kerosene and Comedown all followed, before the performance of one of his newer songs, Joe, this was succeeded by one of his best known songs, which was Limbo, with the crowd front and back dancing and singing away.

The Sun Is Up was the next song on the setlist, which Joesef dedicating this song to his family who were in attendance that night, there was a few people present with AAA passes, so assuming that they were friends and relatives of his. Everyone sang along as the stage lights shone against the disco ball from above, reflections spun round and round, this was something I have never seen personally going to this venue for over 15 years.

An encore occurred, lots of stomping was heard from the front, the crowd wanted more, with the familiar HWFG chant echoing throughout the venue. Joesef returned by performing Thinking Of You, with the lights shining at the disco ball once more, creating that unique O2 Academy atmosphere, and finally Loverboy as the show finished, with Joesef thanking everyone for making this a night to remember for him. The "Big Bastard Show" was a triumph for the Scottish musician.

Is Joesef destined to be the next big thing in pop music?, after this homecoming show, you would bet your bottom dollar on it.

You can view a photo gallery of Joesefs gig by clicking the link below.

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Review and Photography by Stewart Fullerton


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