Belinda Carlisle - Kelvingrove Summer Nights 2022

30 Jul 2022

Belinda Carlisle - Kelvingrove Summer Nights 2022

The 1980s icon delivered perfection in Glasgows unique outdoor venue.

Day 3 of Kelvingrove Summer Nights welcomed an iconic figure from the 1980s, American singer Belinda Carlisle was next to take the stage at the Kelvingrove Bandstand,

As someone born in the early 1980s, I still remember when her songs got considerable play on the radio, Heaven Is A Place On Earth and We Want The Same Thing are the two songs that come to mind and I get a rush of nostalgia when I hear them, it reminds me of a time when life was simple, and when a certain mother had a 1986 reged Ford Fiesta which kept breaking down, it was by far the most unreliable car I have ever been a passenger in.

Belinda has done countless gigs in the UK but they always clashed with something else that I had on, but this time I got the opportunity and myself and the other attendees on the night were psyched.

Support came from local outfit The Eves, who warmed up the crowd for the headline act, they also played a song which was selected as the national anthem for the Scottish Womens Football team, which brought a roar from the audience.

After the support, a bare feeted Belinda came on and the sold out crowd gave her a rapturous welcome, she began with Runaway Horses, jumping around the stage like a young child and not like a woman in her 60s, this followed up with We Want The Same Thing, which was the song I remember most, sitting in the back seat of Mums broken down Ford Fiesta as we waited for the AA in the late 1980s.

She continued that nostalgic feeling with songs like In Too Deep, Circle In The Sand, I Get Weak and Vision of You, songs less familiar to me but still reminded me of times when responsibility wasnt a thing.

As the rain came on and people started putting on their ponchos, she sang Summer Rain, which was just a perfect song to perform over what was happening, it was 23 degrees earlier but just happened to rain during the gig, and of course sun and rain = midges, and they were a lot of the little insects flying around at the venue.

Belinda then sang Valentine, Leave a Light on and of course her biggest hit Heaven Is A Place On Earth, the entire place was jumping as the rain continued to fall down.

After the encore, Belinda returned and finished off with The Go-Gos classic, Our Lips Are Sealed, then Big Scary Animal and concluding the gig with Live Your Life.

Belinda came to the stage and delivered perfection on the night, and the full capacity audience left feeling full of joy and of course, sentimental.

You can view a full photo gallery of the concert via the link below, review and photography by Stewart Fullerton.

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